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Flat Fee "For Sale By Owner"

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Call (361) 247-0001

Call (361) 247-0001

Call (361) 247-0001

How Does It Work?

You are only charged for what you need!

Argus Holdings Group is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage (agency) local to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Most Realtors® offer Sellers an "Exclusive Right to Sell" Listing agreement, for which they usually charge a 6% commission at closing.  This is charge for all the services they should provide during the course of the listing, plus a commission for the buyer’s agent, if there is one.  (If there is no buyer’s agent involved in the sale of your home, the listing agent keeps the full 6% commission anyway…ALL of it!)  Either way, the Seller is committed to paying the full commission when the property is sold, even if you sell your own home.

"Fee for Service” IS Full Service​ (we can do absolutely anything any other Real Estate Agency can do) but services are provided and billed ONLY as needed.  Here’s how it works:  We believe that Sellers should be able to have all the services they need, but not have to pay for services they don’t need or don’t want.  Therefore, we have an a la carte menu of services that our clients pick and choose from, and a reasonable charge for each.  Many of our Seller clients want to be actively involved in the sale of their property…and who could be a stronger advocate than the owner?  No agent could ever know as much about a home for sale as the Seller does.  Furthermore, many sellers found that, even with a traditional "Full-price” listing, they were doing much of the work themselves, either by choice or necessity.


KEEP your CASH and SELL Your Home 

Lucky's ​  A La Carte Services

​​A Division of Argus Holdings Group, Inc. 

CBS 60 Minutes special report on
Flat Fee Real Estate Services

A. $495 to list the property in MLS®.  This covers our time to meet you, the Seller, at our office to complete the listing agreement, evaluate the property, get all the right information to market it and do the data entry. You also get an Argus Holdings Group Realty yard sign to guide traffic to your door. (Once we receive a call), Argus Holdings Group will contact you and provide all the contact information from the prospective buyer. Digital Flyer included at no additional charge. Up to 25 pictures provided by you to be listed within the MLS.
Total listing duration is six months.

B. $25 per month for an electronic lockbox

This gives over 2,000 Corpus Christi Area agents the ability to enter and show your home according to your instructions (and with your knowledge) without you having to be there.  In today’s tough real estate market, no one can afford to miss even ONE showing to that prospect who might become your Buyer!  Requires a $100 refundable deposit. Don't want to rent?  Just buy your own.

C. Free Photos Listings -or- Professional  Photographer Upgrades

FREE: Send us up to 25 images which we will use to list your home
SILVER: 35 professional high resolution photographs (10 cents sq. ft.)

GOLD: Matterport 3D Tour   (20 cents sq. ft.)
PLATINUM:  35 professional photographs and Matterport 3D Tour (28 cents sq. ft.)

D. $199 Hosted Open House

Hosted by one of our licensed Realtors on your behalf, and on your schedule. Includes flags, balloons, snacks.
​$199 per Open House.

E. $2,000 Flat Fee Agent Service

One of our Licensed Realtors® will handle all aspects of negotiations and the sale of your property.

We will prepare all of the necessary documents and contracts.

​​F. Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

As a licensed real estate company in the State of Texas, Argus Holdings Group gives you two options.

1. Use our flat fee services and use only the extra services that you want.

2. Zero Fee or Conventional  - we are more than happy to handle all aspects involved in the listing of, sale of, and
​    marketing of your home.


                                                  Our 100% Refund Guarantee


If at anytime you chose to use us as your Full Service Broker, we will refund 100% of any previously purchased A La Carte services at time of closing.